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Here you can find submitted Alphabetagrams in annual chronological order.

African Bantu ‘clicks’ denote ever fiercer guttural homilies in Johannesburg. Kruger listeners may never openly perceive quips revealed, since Transvaalites upset very weary Xhosan young Zulus.

Zac, you Xmas wonder! Very uncouth to show resentment; quite properly others never manipulate letters, knowing just ideas help give fellows everything due. Crumbs! but allelujah!
Peter Cressall

Aardvarks behave craftily, daringly escaping from glass houses in jolly knitted leggings made naturally on pointed quills, reaching shady tables upon very welcoming xysti, yelling zestfully.
Jill Allan:

Awfully banal comments drop easily from gormless homophobes in jerky keying. Lifelessly monotonous Nigel opines pointlessly, questing reliable sense; trying, ultimately vainly; wordless xenia yielding zero.
Mark Startin

Anglican bishop called Durham, espousing faithfulness, gained holy incumbency. Jesters keep losing mean nuances over poor, queer, restless souls tottering under various weighty xenolithic yowling zugzwangs.

Always be calm; don’t ever fret. Go home in joyful kinship leaving moribund notions of problems quiescent. Rest softly till unhappiness vanishes, wanting xenophiles, yearning zephyrs. ( Nigel. B-B 2008. The first Alphabetagram).

Accepting brainy challenge (despite expecting failure) glimmering hopes inspired John. Keep lines meaningful (not overly poetic). Quit redrafting! Speed to ultimate victory with Xian youthful zeal. (John. M. 2009. The second Alphabetagram).

 Artistically beautiful choral descants emanate from gentle harmonies in joyously keyed lullabies. Meanwhile noble orchestra’s percussionists quickly restore structure to unruly violinists while xylophonists yodel zestfully. (Mike. N. 2009. The third Alphabetagram.)

 Alphabetagrams befit curiously deranged egos fomenting grandiose humorous ideas. Just kindly let mopy, nepotistic or puny quips rest since truth usurps vapid words. XXXs, yours, Zac. (Nigel. B-B. 2009).

Antiguan batsmen cover drive every fiendish googly high in Jamaica’s Kingston, leaving most not out players quite resentful since test umpire Viv wants x-rated yorker zealots. (Nigel B-B 2009).

 Always being cautious, Derek Edgely felt ghastly, having immediately just killed last mid night outside Pepperdines, quite randomly – suddenly the up-ended van went xenon …. Y’man zonked. (Maxwell.S . 2009).

All babies cry dribbling, even from good homes including jolly, kind, loving mothers. No older parent questions riotous sobbing tots unless vexed with xtra youthful zing(Liz .B .2009).

April blizzards can destroy every farmer’s grand hopes in January. Kind locals make nothing of popular quotes revered since time unlimited vying with xemes, yetties, zombies. (Nigel B-B 2009).

( Polonius’s new notes for Our Time):

Always be courteous. Deny everything! Forget galling, hurtful incidents. Judge kindly. Love mankind. Never opine perversely. Question resolutely. Stop trying. Universally vie with xenophobia: Yoga………………………Zen. (Tony.M.2009.)

Alphabet besotted creatures devising enigmatic fantasies, generally, harmless, ingeniously juggle knotty linguistic models. No ostensible predators. Quite rare species. They’re usually vigorous word xenophiles. Youthful zoopathology. ( John. M. 2009)

Ale brewers concoct deep extra flavours; Goldings hops in July kilns let most nutty oasthouses plan quaint recipes since ‘topping up vats’ works xeric yeast zymurgy. (Nigel B-B 2010).

Aunts bully cousins deliberately, expecting filial gratitude. Honoured infantile kin lovers may not openly promote queer randy siblings. Testy uncles’ varicosity warrants xanthous yellow zimmerframes. (Liz B 2010)

Army ballistic chaps detonate exploding field grenades housed in jute kitbags leaving Major Nitro ordering Private Quarter’s retreat, since tanks unleashed volatile weapons -

“X-axis, Y zone” !!! (Nigel B-B 2010)

(A ‘Reverse’ Alphabetagram ):Zoologists yearn xenicibices which vary under time scales. Requiring quadrupedal prehistoric osteopathy Neolithic man’s last known Jurassic index had grown featuring extinct dinosaur contact between animals. (Nigel B-B 2010)

Albion battalions courageously defended Essex fenland ’gainst hostile invasions. Jute kings led manic Norsemen onto parliament, quelling revolt, since terror-urged Vikings won Xanadu, Yokohama, Zanzibar. ( Nigel. B-B 2010)

Academically brilliant Charles Darwin explored fascinating Galapagos, hungrily imbibing judicious knowledge. Literate mankind noised objections, posed questions regarding scientific theories, undermining various worthy Xian yammering zoologists.
(Adrian. M 2010).

“Arne” Beethoven complained, “Diabelli! Everything Fuchsed!” Gyrowetz halfwittedly ignored Jirovec knowingly lamenting Mahler. Neilson Orf-pissed Quantz, responded Scheidt. “Toch” unnecessarily vehemently wailed Xenakis, yodelling Zemlinsky. (Maxwell.S. 2010).

Anthrax, Borknagar, Candlemass, Deftones, Europe, Firewind, Gorgoroth, Hammerfall, Immortal, Jucifer, Kiss, Lordi, Megadeth, Nightwish, Opeth, Pestilence, Quireboys, Rammestein, Saxon, Trivium, Unleashed, Venom. Whitesnake, Xerath, Yattering, Zyklon. (Ian.W. 2010).

Ailleurs brûlent centaines d’éternelles forêts . Grande haine s’installe. Justement, kilomètres lointains manifestent naïades opulentes ! Pathétiques, quêteurs rattrapent sous, tragiquement usurpés, violés. William-Xavier yodle…….zigouillé. (Tony.M.2010)

Elsewhere, hundreds of eternal forests are burning. Great hatred is settling in. In fact, distant kilometers reveal ample-bosomed Naiads! Pathetic, alms-collectors clutch farthings, tragically usurped, violated. William Xavier yodels,….. Struck down with a knife. (Tony.M.2010)

Astronomers bridge cosmic depths eclipsing farflung galaxies. Hubble indexes Jupiter’s kinetic luminous moons. Neptune ousts Pluto. Quaintly ringed Saturn tests Uranus, Venus winning xtra-terrestrial yearly Zodiac. ( Liz.B. 2011)

Acquiring beguiling curios, determined Englishmen found gems hidden inside Japanese kimonos, luckily mostly netsukes. Outrageously profitable quests retrieved Samurai treasures, Uzbekistan vases, whimsical X-factor yodelling Zennists.
(Adrian.M. 2011)
 Apiary bees converge daily, ever furtive, garnering honey in jars: kings love moist nectar or pollen; queens relish syrupy tangs unless varied with xanthic yeast zest. (Nigel B-B 2011)

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